Sunday, 1 September 2013

Misguided Fate

Its a few minutes to one  when my phone vibrates. I stretch my hand to find it wondering who is calling me this late on a Monday night. It my girl Faith so i pick up without hesitation. I try to find words from my sleep to start a conversation and find out whats going on but she doesn't let me. She blurts out crying calling my name. I panic i mean, i have never heard her cry for six years. I sit up and listen.

She tells me that her sister has texted her that there are robbers in their home and she should call the police. My heart sunk when she said that her dad had been stubbed. I asked a couple of questions to get the details right but she had an incoming call and had to hung up so she couldn't answer much. All of a sudden, i was numb and cold my thoughts wandering. There wasn't much i could do at the time so i whispered a prayer and somehow managed to go back to sleep.

I woke up confused, to some extent hoping i was dreaming. I check for any messages, there're none so i turn my data on to check my Whatsapp. Then i get a text from Faith "Hey, my dad is dead." I note she's online so i get myself to text her back, to say something and for the first time in a long time i didn't know what to say. I was paralyzed and emotional with so many questions and thoughts but then it hit me if that is what i felt, what about her? I needed to be there for this girl who is ever smiling and jovial. The optimistic and non-judgmental Faith. She always gives me a reason to hold on, to keep trying and believing.

Oh my God, how will i face her? What will i say to her? What does someone do in this kind of situations? I have never been here, where someone so close to me losses someone who is their world. I knew how much she looked up to her father, how much she adored him. He was the center of her world. You know girls and their fathers. I needed to do something other than stare at my walls with my emotions all over. I took a shower and headed for class. On my way, i called Faith. I wanted to know what had happened again detail by detail. As i said, i have never been in such a situation before. I was totally clueless so i did what i thought right. 

I wasn't really paying attention (who would anyway after having such a morning?) so class was over in no time. I had a missed call from mom as she had heard what had happened and wanted to know if i knew. She said "I am so sorry about your friend's dad." This words made me cry. Poor Faith, she doesn't deserve this. What happens now? I knew the depth of my mum's words was much more profound than i thought. 

Immediately after class, i left to go see Faith. She needed me and i needed to be there for her. I could see cars parked outside their home and grief struck me. I was afraid to go in, to see her, the mother and the entire family. I didn't know what to take so i sent her credit, she needed to talk to her friends, and an energy drink, she probably hadn't put anything in her mouth since.

She hugged me with so much love, she seemed okay or rather she was being strong. I met the boyfriend, finally...though i wished it was under different circumstances. I had heard so much about him that it was about time. Am glad i wasn't disappointed. We talked a little and got into the compound. There were a number of people scattered in groups. Some were talking, others were crying while others were in silence deep in thought. 

My entire life, i hadn't been in such a situation. There was so much sorrow in these people's faces, they were sad. Something they cherished had been taken away from them. I couldn't stop asking why. No one deserves being robbed of their beloved by another human being. They looked shuttered, lost and deprived. All i could do was to pray to God to help that beautiful family to accept the things they cannot change.