Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The year so far

The other day, my brother asked me "Njesh, this has been your best holiday right?" 
Truth is, it has been a great couple of months where everything has been great. I wouldn't exactly call it a holiday but brother, it has been fine! 
I got internship at this organization and after the first day I had already told my dad that I wouldn't dream of working there because the rules were too many and being in the HR department makes it even harder not to abide by not forgetting the supervisor who made the whole thing look like a nightmare. 
After two weeks I was home. This people took me and made me one of their own. I got comfortable working here and they never made me feel like I do not belong. Ave even been wondering what happens after the three months. Of course there is this lady that I have grown to love so we'll definitely keep in touch but really? That's it? They all going to be people I used to know? But who knows, they may be really useful when I venture into the job market.
Working here has been a real first hand experience. I have had the privilege to attend meetings with big people and address key issues facing employees and the organization, I have done long listing and shortlisting of new hires, I have been present in interviews and have learnt a whole lot on interviews that should be a great help for me when I get there. The work load is humongous as there is always something to do but now more than ever I am convinced that HR is my line.
I have made new friends, I was surprised too at how fast I can blend in a new environment. I have been interacting with the older folks mainly and they have shared their wisdom with me. There is this lady who looks so young, like in her late twenties but she is actually in her early forties with two kids. It has been a give and take relationship as we talk a lot and share our life experiences together. She is a very warm person and I tell her that when I grow up I'd like to follow in her steps. She seems to have it all figured out you know.. In terms of career, family, faith, fashion.. She says she sees herself in me twenty years ago. Probably why we get along so well :-D
The best part is I don't use the allowance I get as the company bus picks and drops me off and my dad gives me lunch money :-) cool right?
Yes, am saving up for days when I'll actually need the money like next year; after school. I have heard enough tales of how life after school is different and dry so am working really hard not to share the cliche too. 
Of course things haven't been exactly perfect. There have been a few rocks on my path especially because I am an emotional junkie but I prefer to look at the positive side of things and what life has to offer. Besides, I know that God is always looking out for me. Things may not exactly go as we plan but I believe God's way is best and whatever we go through, it is meant to make us better in the long run. There are days that I get really weary but going home to my parents and brothers (sometimes) makes it worthwhile.