Friday, 29 July 2016

To my Bestfriend who moved away

''A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never part.'' ~ Unknown

 Lord knows how much i would give to have a meal with you. To hug you or even just sit in silence with you. There are days i just want to call you and talk. But i forget about your crazy schedule or call when you're asleep. I am learning to count hours backwards before i call. Sometimes, i forget. We get caught up in our lives and may end up not talking as much as the past week or month. But when we do talk, nothing has changed. We catch up for hours and laugh at the corniest and weirdest of things.

The Separate lives.

I keep reminding myself that we have separate lives every time i watch your snaps having all sorts of fun without me. I know you need to establish relationships there. I actually need you to, for days when you need that friend, who is actually there.. I am not worried of being replaced. But i always wish you were doing all those things with me.I have pretty good friends here as well. I can't wait for you to meet them! 

 The Inevitable Change.

I will probably get this job that demands everything in me. I will get home too tired. All i want is to take a shower and sleep. I will forget about our Tango date. I will call and find you driving. You will call back and find me asleep.

You will want to tell me about this new guy but i will keep ranting about something that happened that really got to me. You will let me be and even forget about your news but still tell me later! I know we’ll stay friends, even as we keep growing.

The Little things.

Oh the little things you do! I do not take for granted. How you follow up on that interview i had. Encourage me when all is going to shit. Motivate me to be a better person. Those little gifts you send mum when she's coming, beautiful words you write to me when I'm having a bad day.. I'm definitely keeping you in my life forever!

The Support System.  

For years, we've had each other's backs. You were there for me as my world crumbled, and you patiently put the pieces back into place. You've never let me push you away, no matter how many walls i build wanting to be alone. You've taken my angry words and returned them with proclamations of love. You understand me in a way that others don't.Wherever you are, i know i have you.

The love.

I love you, no matter how far away you are. I love you even when you read my texts and forget to reply. Even when we try to stay in touch and sometimes fail. Whether we talk once a month, or once in a fortnight, you're still my person! We are Family!

The Countdown.

I can not wait to squeeze the life out of you when you're finally back in town. To take a million pictures with you since we don't get that privilege much. I will ditch everyone else to catch up on the moments we've missed. You keep saying you'll be home before i know it. I don't doubt that. I just cant wait!

See you soon, Colette Wambui