Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My ideal man

1. He has to be a good cook. Not that am a lousy cook…I am great in the kitchen (so ave been told)  but I need a man who helps me out once in a while. Someone who will make me food as I keep him company in the kitchen. I hate it when a man is on the sofa, getting comfortable while am working my ass off to make him a meal.

2.He has to be a geek. I just found out am attracted to geeks, yes those nerdy men who wear spectacles, that everyone loves to peek on. (A good number of my friends think am such a blonde) I hate reading school books and sci-fi movies scare me to death. A geek is the exact opposite that would mean we have a lot more to talk about.

3.He should not talk a lot. I talk too much, so i need a man who will listen to me when i talk. I mean how would we cope if we both talked a lot? 

4. He has to hate soccer. I hate fighting with my brothers as they watch some grown men chasing after a round piece of leather. I don’t want to sacrifice good TV shows any more for football.

5. He has to be able to take care of me. By this i mean he has to be financially endowed, he doesn't have to be on the Forbes list but he also should not make taking me to java for a mug of Dawa (hot lemon and honey) such a big deal. Am a woman and where i come from its the men who pay the bills and the women use their salaries to do their hair, nails and to fuel their expensive shopping baskets. Though I wouldn't mind chipping in once in a while.

6. He has to be well read. By this I just don’t mean a man who went to school . I mean a man who is up to date with the happenings of this world. Am behind on some of this things so i need a man who can inform me as i caress his ego. A man when the president invites us for dinner he wont keep quiet the whole time.

7. A man with taste for the fine things in life. By this i mean a man who is not stingy. A man who does not think that money was meant to stay in the bank. A man with the taste for fine things in life is a man who is not afraid to spend his money on his woman or himself. A man who appreciates good scents , fine dinning but at the same time is able to make investments for the future.

8. A well groomed man.By well groomed i don’t mean having a manicure and a pedicure every week, i just mean that I don’t want a man whose socks smell worse than the garbage truck. I need a man who is able to take care of himself, who has a sense of style and who knows when its time to visit the barber. A man who when i walk around town town with him i don’t have to walk at least three steps ahead so that it doesn't look like we are together, i need a man who i can gladly hold his hand without wanting the ground to swallow me.

9. A gentle man. By this i mean a man who will let me enter the matatu before him, or he will push those annoying women with huge handbags away so that i can enter. A man who will open doors for me, a man who will make me feel like the most special woman in the world, a man who will make me smile when i think of him . A man who will understand that in a relationship it just not about him, its about us.

10. Finally i need a man who has his act together, by this i mean confidence and a man whose insecurities are relevant not trashy. A man who will accept he has a woman like me ( am pretty, but do i say ) in his life and will not yell at every man who takes a glance at me or blame me when they look at me.

But then again, Perfect men don’t exist. Appreciate what you have and turn it into what you want.