Thursday, 10 July 2014

Perpetual gratitude

Every not so often, I sit back and reflect on things that matter. Like myself and occasionally, other people who have made an impact in my life and about my God. Today was one of those days. It got me appreciating a great deal of things that God has brought my way. There are a few things I have asked for that haven't come through but I am at a happy place with what I have. So here are a few thoughts and things that i have unending gratitude towards.

1. My family
Being the only girl in an all boy family (not that they can make a football team) comes with various boons. They know all the good food in all the good places. They have cute friends that you can stare at when you are feeling blue. They always come through for you whenever you need them. They are just a call away when you need to laugh and vent, or just talk. It is the forever kind of love. My brothers are my people. 
Let me tell you a little something about my Father. First, he is the best dad I could ever have. He’s the epitome of cool, calm and collected, very easy going and never fussy about stuff. Second, he speaks his mind and doesn't sugar coat anything he says, which now makes him the most genuine person I know.
My mother, (God bless her beautiful soul) is the most loving & caring person I know. Maybe its the nature of all mothers but this woman is the best thing that has happened to me.
My parents are very open minded. They have grown with us in all ways especially our thinking and changes in today's culture. This makes them very accommodating and easy to talk to. Their age and experience assures me they are always right. 

2. My friends
You know how tricky this friendship business is since not everyone has your best interest at heart. But then again, try having no friends and you will appreciate the value of the dysfunctional relationships you have. 
There are people out there who know the color of my tears, have seen me drool in my sleep, probably heard me fart, continued to love me when my hair was a hot mess (like now), listen to me whimper and laughed at my very dry jokes.
Then there are those who make fun of me, know my weaknesses and tag at them until they become strengths, get my foolishness and appreciate my blondness. I may not talk to them everyday, but when I do, its the best day. 

3. My God 
Give credit where it's due and the Lord is really where all credit in my life is due. I have stopped worrying about things too much. He taught me that. I sometimes get worried I'll miss the bus to work in the morning, then I whisper a small, hurried but very scared prayer and he comes through. Or I think my cash won't make it through the month (because I buy almost everything and anything), then something out of my good deeds pays back (good begets good people!). 
There are those days that things just fall into place and I know It was him. There are those that I totally give up but my faith keeps hoping and believing.
There are a lot of big prayers I have said too over the years, that have been answered gradually.
Then I started thanking him for the answered prayers and for the smaller things that I may have taken for granted. It's amazing how great he is. This little things  give me enough happiness and so much gratitude.

4. Myself
It has been quite a journey of self growth and lessons but I appreciate who I have become, how far I have come. You know when people say "You are stronger than you think"? It helps to believe them. I did not know how much I was capable of doing, of taking, of feeling. 
It has taken me a journey to get to where I am, and I am glad I held on...although barely. 
I am glad I can look back and appreciate myself for who I am. I don't ask too much of myself any more. I appreciate my limits and I also know when to challenge them. I sleep when I need to, I shut up when I'm required to. I am proud of who I am and I know good things await me.


  1. lovely blog.

    cant wait to read more darling :-)

    1. Thank you :-)
      Keep checking for more, xx

  2. Don't let your mind limit your heart's desires.

    1. I won't.. But you know it's easier said than done ryt?