Friday, 27 December 2013

2013 in review

Well, this has not been a very great year for me. I think last year was better but hey… at least I could say am getting tougher. Life can be pretty much unfair sometimes so I have learnt to get by, regardless the situation. This has been the year that I have done a couple of things on my own. You know when things come and as much as people say they are there you are still by yourself? This has been that year for me.

In terms of education, this has been an incredibly good year for me. My grades have been great which gives me this satisfying feeling. Even when everything else may seem impossible and I still get to put it aside and concentrate with school, that is good enough for me. One thing I know is of all things I can mess up, this is not one of them.

 My love life has been pretty bumpy. This has been the year we've had the best moments together and the sulkiest ones. Most of all, this is the year we have made the best memories together and I have grown deeper in love which I do not know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. We clocked a year on September 15 and as much as it is a lot of work sometimes, it sure is worth. I hope just like wine, it will get better with time.

This has been the year I have established friendships. You know how you can have so many friends who come with seasons? I have identified the ones who are here to stay regardless of the weather. I made up with my best friend and I have added two or three amazing friends in my life. I have had a few fallouts with old friends...if they don’t add value in your life, why keep them?

 My favourite person graduated this year. After 5 years of school, he finally finished. God has been good to him and things are just getting better. I pray next year will be full of opportunities for him to grow. My relationship with mum has been great this year. We have become really close and basically talk about everything and anything. Dad has been incredibly supportive. He took me to this dermatologist that made my face a lot better than I can ever imagine. Of all things I can complain of, not my family. It is the best gift that God has given me.

 This is the year I have been more outgoing and adventurous. I have attended a couple of events with friends that were filled with joy and laughter. I have gone to places I have never been and I plan to keep this up since the experiences were extra ordinary. There was excess of retail therapy this year. I shopped a lot, to some extent excessively, especially when I had things going on and needed to get my mind away. I sincerely hope next year will be calmer and better in every way.

 I have been very emotional this year. I have cried a lot…in funerals and situations I have been in. It has been a very rough year for self-growth. It’s where I have learnt not to rely much on people or expect much from them for less disappointment. I have learnt to survive on my own without much dependency and the greatest things I have learnt this year is that God never disappoints. He has had my back when no one else had and I couldn't be more grateful.

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