Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Story of my Heart

This is the first and last time I'll probably write this uh...whatever. Am writing this as a way of venting or letting go. Anyway, I met a guy. Yeah...I know, a little cliche right? Probably..but hey, everyone has a story. Here goes mine;

He was my guy. The guy who i was comfortable with in my own skin. He wasn't perfect, no. He'd do things that made me feel like pushing him down the stairs but i was in love. If you've been there, you'd understand what am talking about.

So this guy, i knew he was the one. I have been in relationships before but i knew this was it. We were together for 11months and then things got complicated. I honestly do not know what really happened but it turns out we weren't in the same page on things anymore. It got to a point, am not sure we were even in the same book.

Am sure you've had that line before right? Yes, things got complicated. So much was on the way...friends, pride, rumors, compromise...sighs. Well, they say if its true love, things will somehow workout but in my story things turned out differently.

See, boyfriend wasn't the kind to face things. If something happened and i don't bring it on the table, we would never talk about it. Unless, it was something i did that's been bothering him and he just can't overlook. I on the other hand, am confrontational. So every time he tripped or did something i didn't like, we'd have to talk about it. For those who know me well, they know i get a little rude and sarcastic if pushed to the wall. Apparently, boyfriend didn't like that so you can imagine. There was even a time he wanted out because he thought he wasn't good enough and he couldn't make me happy.

Somehow, we worked things out. I wasn't willing to let our fall out be on me so i started embracing things. Things like men forget. Even when you are a priority in their life, they will forget to bring something you sent, plans you made for the weekend and dates. They will forget your anniversary, your brother's graduation, when you first did something together...bottom line, men forget.

Other than that, i started overlooking the little things he'd do. We were both a little too comfortable with each other so he'd say or do things he does with his guys which would get to me. Things like making fun of how short i am (yes...if you're short, you probably understand how annoying it is.) 

We were fine, really fine. We had been through so much i thought we'd conquer anything together. He had met family, friends and everyone knew he was a part of my life. If i were to list the things we've gone through you'd probably say we deserve to be happy together, but no. 

Boyfriend tripped and i flipped. I was so mad that i didn't want to see his face. I didn't speak to him for a week but after analyzing and over thinking things through, i forgave him. I mean no one is perfect and this guy, he is the love of my life. I don't know if things went back to normal, but we were okay for a moment.

Then one morning, he made a statement. A statement that made me think, actually over think (I do that a lot anyway.) He says that it came out wrong but thing is, it bothered me. I believe after being together for such a time, you are supposed to know things that you should do and shouldn't do in a relationship. Don't say something stupid and then be like "babe, am sorry it came out wrong" No, you do not get to do that! So i overreacted. I gave him back the keys to his place and told him to let me go. Thing is, he wasn't supposed to let go. But he am just there.

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