Sunday, 28 July 2013

The bitter truth

I am at the point in my life where things are neither good nor bad. Although it can be better, it can also be worse. So I can’t look at anything with a purely pessimistic or optimistic point of view. It’s that point in life where you just have to keep your head up high, forge forward and only hope for the best. You keep your fingers crossed hoping that someday you’ll catch that happiness you tried so hard to hold in your grasp. That’s the thing about happiness, it’s fleeting. Like that firefly you try to capture and no matter how many times you waver, trying to clasp it in your hands, it never wants to be kept.

Things are sweeter when they are lost. I know because i wanted something so bad, it was the only thing that i ever wanted and as soon as i got turned to dust in my hands. Am sure we've all been there. Where we've lost something that meant so much and didn't know where to start, how to go about it: whether to hold onto or let go. Truth is, there's only too much one can take. There comes a point where no matter how much you love someone, you just have to let go.

Am still of the opinion that if you truly love someone, you should stay and work things out no matter what. Lets say you choose to leave, time passes by and you actually meet someone... no relationship is perfect. You will fight and have weird and stupid arguments. Some will be pretty serious that you'll want out. So whats the point of leaving yet you're not really solving anything? I mean, the same problems you're having in your present relationship maybe still be the ones you'll have in your next. Men aren't that different from each other. Even really good men are selfish in their own twisted ways. The better part of my life, i have lived with men so take my word for it: same monkey, different forest. Still, you can work things out yes...but whats the point of staying if you're always fighting about the same thing over and over? Fight everyday if you have to but over different things. It gets exhausting...and you start thinking if this is where you should really be.

If you cant let go (for the right reasons of course) keep him as a friend. Move on with your life, accept things as they come. Its true, everything happens for a reason. Maybe he's still the one its just not the right time or maybe letting go is the best decision you'll ever make, you just never know until you take a step. I firmly believe that if something is meant to be, it will...regardless. Life is beautiful, remember the memories but keep going. I have learnt that its okay not to get what you always want in life and if you expect the world to be fair to you because you have been fair to it, you are fooling yourself. It is like expecting a lion not to eat you because you didn't eat it.

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